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Pay-For-Results: Your Best Choice In Alpharetta SEO

(Proudly Making The Rich Richer For Over A Decade)

Yes, I am the most expensive Alpharetta SEO consultant you can hire. (And worth every single penny of it.)

Why? Because we do exactly three things and we do them amazingly well:

  • Ranking Websites for Highly Competitive Keywords
  • Optimizing web page copy to convert visitors into buyers
  • Building Customer Lifetime Value

Why do we do this so well? Because we outspend the competition. We invest a massive amount of time and money in the tools and resources required to rank for competitive keywords at a global level. This gives us access to software & data which most freelancers and local web design agencies don't have the budget to buy. We have case studies that demonstrate our process generates 5 - 10 times more traffic than a typical blogger.

Our competitors build cheap websites. We build highly profitable digital businesses you can grow or sell.

Call me when you're ready to invest in unleashing exponential traffic and revenue growth for your business by increasing the efficiency and impact of your marketing and product strategy.

By the way, unlike all those Atlanta SEO Agencies who will "meet with you in Alpharetta", I actually live here.

Why Do You Charge So Much?

Because I'm Highly Selective. I'm well aware of the value which my services can bring to a business, especially relative to many of my peers in the SEO community. They sell "website design and seo packages". I offer revenue growth and profits at a discount. My services are higher value and priced accordingly.

The truth is most small business owners can't afford to hire competent SEO advisors. Instead of stepping up and learning how to do it themselves (see our guide to low cost DIY SEO and website development), they wind up hiring a cheap SEO agency. The agency ends up giving them low-quality SEO which isn't terribly effective. They pretend to work and you pretend to pay them.

My entire business strategy is focused on working with rich and successful people to help them become richer and more successful. If you're a business owner who can play the long game and pays your bills on time, we might be a fit. If topics such as "return on investment", "risk sharing", "appropriate incentives", and "employer of choice" are part of your typical vocabulary and thought process, we definitely should discuss opportunities. I'm looking for 4 - 5 high end clients who can make a long term committment to invest in growing their sales.

So do you want to keep wasting money on cheap SEO or invest in real results?

Why Hire The Alpharetta SEO Expert?

First, I'm not an ad agency - I'm a performance marketer. My business model isn't built around collecting a "monthly retainer" to babysit your website and ghost post about the fall festival on Twitter. I specialize in clawing my way to the top of competitive national and global search topics for money keywords that actually deliver sales.

You've heard agencies promise that they can rank your site on Google's first page. We Prefer To Aim Higher. Here's why. The first result on Google gets about 60% of the clicks. The 10th result gets around 1% of the clicks. Do You Want Your Competitor To Enjoy Sixty Times More Business Than You Get? Didn't think so.

Why do we win? Because after a decade of experience as a digital investor, my process for ranking websites has been honed to a fine edge. The process we use to promote your content is what we used to catapult websites to the first position in large Google searches (50,000 - 500,000 clicks per month). And keep them there for 5 years. Try getting that from a cookie-cutter local SEO agency.

I specialize in using analytics and process to give your business a competitive advantage. Here's how it works:

  • Keyword Research - We use analytics to find and target "weak content" in Google's results
  • Content Optimization - Then we dial in a page to exactly what Google Wants to See
  • Digital Publishing - We develop a lightning fast website for you (3X faster than WordPress)
  • "The Little Black Book" - To get the word out, we tap into a network of relevant influencers

Why do we do all this? Because after a decade of ranking websites (vs. sitting back and collecting retainers from web design projects), we've found that is what you need to do to rank for a competitive search term. When results are at stake, you leave nothing to chance.

Investing in SEO Excellence

So unlike most of our local competitors, we invest heavily in SEO research and development programs. This includes investments in data science (optimize how we rank websites), process efficiency (better, cheaper content), and technology (industry-leading web platforms). All of this helps us win against national competitors.

And we bring all of those capabilities back to Alpharetta and adapt them to win at Alpharetta SEO. We're not the only Atlanta SEO services company in this town. But unlike the vast majority, we're not using cookie-cutter strategies developed by someone else. Or outsourcing the work to a national agency behind your back.

Our Alpharetta SEO program is custom tailored for helping Alpharetta companies build authority in our local market. Unique content, unique links (relevant to our market), hyper-focused on dominating our local market. The exact same approach we use to dominate national searches for competitive, high value keywords. A battle-tested recipe for success.

Think about it. If you're trying to rank a website for Alpharetta search terms, do you want your links to come from Alpharetta SEO? Or New York City? I rest my case.

Alpharetta SEO Can Give You National Reach

There's a second set of business owners we love working with: consultants and business owners who are ready to take their business to the next level and build a national practice. Do you have a unique offering or skill set? Can you easily scale it to serve a broader audience in the next 12 - 18 months? Then you should check out our "done for you" thought leadership programs.

Alpharetta SEO's unique "thought leadership" program leverages our expertise in product strategy, pitch development, content development, and search engine optimization. Our experts work with you to:

  • Analyze your market and position your business to offer unique value
  • Create and refine the tools to help you pitch and close new business
  • Assemble a relevant "thought leadership" agenda of content to create
  • Lead research, publication, and promotion of your thought leadership

For a consultant, this will increase your stature within the industry, getting your ideas in front of a broader audience and positioning you to pursue larger (and higher priced) deals. For a business owner, this can help you expand distribution of your product or service outside Georgia and the Southeast by establishing you as an authority within your niche.

All - "done for you", coordinated by our team of publishing and search engine optimization experts. Led by a digital publishing team that has built massive national audiences in competitive niches. Alpharetta SEO stands ready to help you make the world aware of your expertise.

Contact Alpharetta SEO

Ready to talk about how we can help you grow your business? Drop us an email at: for a free initial consultation. We aim to be your preferred Alpharetta seo company.

FAQ - Alpharetta SEO

What is Search Engine Optimization

You've hopefully heard of Google - they are the leading search engine in the Western world and handle well over 80% of the queries from consumers and business people. These queries are questions - questions that you want to be the answer to! Questions like: who is the best pricing consultant? Or: Where can I rent a sailboat on Lake Lanier? Questions which can steer people to your business.

So what if there was a way... to whisper in Google's ear... and get your site moved up the page of answers?

With search engine optimization, there is. A search engine optimization consultant (like Alpharetta SEO) can help you refine your website and digital reputation to help win over Google's trust and get you ranked higher in Google's search results. Each increase in your search engine rankings will help grow your business. In fact, a one position lift in your Google search engine rankings can increase inbound traffic to your website by around 30%!

How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

A search engine optimization expert will start by conducting an SEO audit of your website - and probably doing a similar audit on your competitors. We look at many things in an SEO audit: your content, your user experience, who links to your website, your website design & layout, and the technical performance of your website. As a result of our research program, Alpharetta SEO has one of the strongest audit processes of any Alpharetta seo company.

Google is basically looking for three things:

  • Expertise: Create Strong Content That Users Like. Show Appropriate Credentials.
  • Authority: Are you mentioned in your space? Do authoritative sites link to you?
  • Trust: How real do you look? Is the page high quality? Can We Get in Touch?
I'll throw in a forth: good user experience. Your site should load quickly, engage users, and be free of any obvious annoyances or cybersecurity threats.

Google's process is getting more human every year. Think of it like this - if you had to refer a relative to a professional, who would you pick? The thin single page website that loads like it was 1995? Or a nice thick comprehensive resource written by an author who is well connected and respected within the space.

How Long Does It Take To See Results?

Great question. So the answer is "it depends", although we should have some idea of expectated time to impact after the audit is completed. Most of content development projects take 12 - 18 months to reach full impact. We have seen faster results on optimization projects, especially if the website is already well established. New and low-traffic websites almost always take far longer to rank since we will need to gain Google's trust. At a minimum, you should be prepared to invest at least 12 months into this effort before cancelling services.

What Services Do You Offer?

While our goal is to be your local alpharetta SEO company, we can operate as a full service alpharetta marketing company. We offer a full range of services centered around the offerings above. In addition to web design and seo packages, we can also support blogging, social media, email campaign management, and Facebook lead generation campaigns.

  • Development and optimization of a website for your business
  • Build and maintain a social media presence to keep your brand constantly in front of potential customers
  • Create blogs that showcase your expertise and serve as a source of leads for new business
  • Create done-for-you customer relationship management newsletters to close and upsell customers
  • Develop and run Facebook lead generation campaigns so your customer base is constantly growing

If You're So Awesome, Why Don't You Rank for Everything?

We don't waste our time and resources dueling with local Alpharetta SEO agencies because we don't need to. There are plenty of projects on our plate. Our best links and SEO strategies are reserved for paying clients.

By the way, you need to ask that question of any SEO agency. If their best links and tricks are being used to showboat (for example, ranking for Alpharetta SEO) to support agency business development.... then what unique things are they bringing to the table which can help your websites rank? The more you use a strategy in this business, the less effective it tends to be. Take it from an experienced Alpharetta SEO.